In Quito, in the purest french style

What began as an elegant and flirty macaron bakery has grown in number of premises and its menu has been complemented with breakfast and meal options. Now, La Petite Patisserie et Chocolat specializes in delicious chocolate sweets, a variety of breads and an exclusive menu of gourmet dishes which turn it into the ideal place for French food lovers.

Camila and Maria Gabriela Avellan, the owners, succeeded in recreating a typical old Paris corner in Quito and Cumbaya. Pastel colors dominate their spaces, combined in harmony with elegant sofas and romantic Victorian chairs. A discreet menu filled with options will tickle your senses, until fine porcelain cups of the richest “lojano” coffee, a variety of black or fruit tea, or hot rich chocolate arrives to the table, the tune of Edith Piaf completes the environment. You will feel this is a place you would never want to leave.

Delicious samples of exquisite French pastry finely organized are showcased on the store window, while other delicacies are prepared in the kitchen from 100% Ecuadorian ingredients. The menu presents options executed from various recipes re-edited and improved by the French Chef Jerôme Monteillet, insuring a delightful experience.

Savory chocolate sweets, a variety of breads and an exclusive menu of french cuisine plates.

la-petite-paticerie-05In Quito, the daily invitation begins at breakfast time.The star option is the Cocotte, an oven grilled dish covered with delicious cheese which inside hides a preparation of eggs and the possibility to choose from several ingredients to accompany it. And at Tea Time, the typical French Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur are a hit among customers. Soft bread, baked ham, gruyere cheese, béchamel sauce with our without a fried egg; and a plus – they all come with fresh salad. But the menu holds a variety of options such as Les Croques & Baguettes, a typically French sandwich in sliced bread or in a “palanqueta” (a long, thin loaf) with salmon, roast beef, chicken, 4 cheeses or vegetarian, and a variety of exotic and very healthy salads such as the Spinach Salad: French spinach with roasted pine nuts, apple chunks, bacon and brie, covered in a spectacular mustard dressing superb in flavor.

Another jewel of the house is its bread baked with Jerôme´s secret recipe. Sweet breads such as the veneserie, or salt breads such as the typical baguette or delicious croissants are also available; they seem to have arrived from France only minutes earlier. All of them have become a tradition to the neighbors who sometimes come exclusively to buy bread.


Desserts deserve a whole separate chapter; some will delight the most demanding palates. And to close on a high note, Camila suggests hazelnut and coffee macarons, although chocolate macarons do not fall behind as they are among the most requested. These small pastries, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, can be bought to take out – a tres chic gift packed in personalized boxes – very much La Petite Patisserie style.

No doubt, in La Petite Patisserie et Chocolat “handcrafted” gains a meaning of excellence with remarkable presence.

Whether you are in a hurry or just plan on holding a relaxing conversation, this is the ideal place to refresh your mind and stimulate your senses while your every wish is met with perfection.


Paseo San Francisco,
(593)    2 322 2043

Av. González Suárez
(593)    2 381 8450

Av. Portugal y Shyris
(593)    2 322 4063