On a bank of the Napo river

On a bank of the Napo, which flows into the huge Amazon river, next to a small Ahuano community of quichua Indians, there is a magic spot in the jungle

On a bank of the Napo, which flows into the huge Amazon river, next to a small Ahuano community of quichua Indians, there is a magic spot in the Ecuadorean jungle: La Casa del Suizo. It’s surrounded by a vast and beautiful tropical jungle, dressed in all hues of green, dotted with ancient trees, home to an enormous variety of species and blessed with bird songs that entertain local and foreign tourists.


The place is very highly regarded. So, not surprisingly, it’s one of the most popular spots in the Napo region. While it strives to provide its guests with a most comfortable stay, at the same time, it blends perfectly with the local environment. The pool is just the place to rest and enjoy a drink after a long walk in the jungle. In the evening, lying on a hammock in a bedroom balcony, you can appreciate the peace and quiet of this unspoiled environment.

La Casa del Suizo offers its guests a range of activities. One example is a jungle hike led by indigenous guides who share their deep knowledge of the tropical jungle and experience with medicinal plants. Another is a short canoe trip downriver to see how a typical quichua indian family lives in its natural and traditional environment.



  • Napo – Ecuador
    From Quito: 155 miles 3 hours by car and 20 minutes (by canoe ride )
  • Weather
    Tropical, high humidity and constant precipitation Average temp: 77oF

Guests can see indigenous cultures in action. You can watch “chicha”, the region’s traditional alcoholic drink, being made from fermented corn and then taste it. Learn how to use a blowpipe, the original hunters ́ weapon of choice in the jungle, or how to carve a beautiful native bird from a piece of wood.

Another choice is to visit a local pottery workshop where Oriente flatware is manufactured by hand. Walks in the primary forest along the Arajuno River in Cosano are marvelous. The walks take from one to three hours with different levels of effort, so each guest can choose the most appropriate. A short 15 minute walk leads to a butterfly farm and a very colorful time watching local butterfly species.


Adventure sports are also available. The best options are the hotel’s own Canopy Adventure Park, where you can fly high among the trees and alongside the birds in complete safety, and half day or full day of river rafting at levels I and II. One attraction in high demand is to visit AmaZoonico, a famous refuge for wild animals, where sick and hurt animals are rescued and cured.

It provides its guests with a comfortable stay and blends perfectly with the local environment

After the day’s activities, back at the hotel, you can savor a variety of delicious typical Ecuadorean dishes, as well as international cuisine. La Casa del Suizo offers vegetarians a menu based on fresh produce and vegetable protein.

To make the most of a stay at Casa del Suizo, you can’t forget field glasses, flashlight, insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses and a big hat. Staying well hydrated is a must, so a water bottle is indispensable. Last but not least, comfortable walking shoes and, in case it rains, a waterproof jacket or poncho and a plastic bag for your stuff.


La Casa del Suizo offers many ways to make a stay in Ecuador’s amazon jungle an unforgettable adventure. We hope you enjoy this experience!