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The Zumay Health Club at JW Marriott Quito offers fantastic services in luxurious facilities, fully equipped to nurture the body with healthy activities, plus the pampering that we all deserve. The membership is a perfect gift for this season, available for anyone who desires to start the new year withbrand new resolutions.

Four membership options are available to enjoy the best equipped Health Club in town. Zumay is open every single day from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. The fees are quite minimal in comparison with the benefits that members receive.

Let´s begin with the gym. It´s a large area, kept at the right temperature to encourage exercise for good health. There are a number of treadmills and elliptical trainers, each with an individual cable TV screen, a weight room with machines for all muscle groups, a room for classes led by specialized trainers, a punching bag, and a stretching zone.

The equipment includes steps, medicine balls, jumping Ropes, weight bars, and pilates balls. As if these were not enough, members have a personal trainer available and they can join any of the classes taught by specialized trainers; Members can choose spinning, dance therapy, pilates, Core Body Fitness or Body Balance. Truly, Zumay offers everything!

However, the wonders have only just begun. Membership also enables use of the hotel´s extraordinary facilities. Among them, an 8.600 square foot heated resort style pool, a whirlpool, a polar pool, a pool for children, and beautiful gardens to walk around. For utmost convenience, these spaces have separate facilities for men and women, each with changing rooms, whirlpool, sauna, and Turkish bath.

The membership includes complimentary services such as free three-hour on-site parking secured with video monitors. Additional advantages include a 10% discount at the hotel bars and restaurants, plus special prices at the Spa and hair salon. Pampering is a must, so there is a variety of facial and body treatments, including massages for couples.

Zumay Health Club´s various treatments highlight natural and organic components selected to reinvigorate and nurture the skin in a subtle and relaxing manner. The chocolate treatment stands out for its extraordinary benefits: it´s full of nutrients, behaves as an antioxidant, stimulates endorphins and, at the same time, encourages relaxation. The guest submerges in cacao essences and components that stimulate the skin and create pleasurable feelings. A detail that marks this as an unforgettable experience is the detail of tasting a delicious cup of hot chocolate at the end of the session, savoring its delectable aroma.

The most innovative is the fruit treatment. Its multiple vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals nurture and renew the skin´s tissues. The combination of peach seeds and organic yogurt create a refreshing exfoliate cream that releases the skin´s dead cells, allowing the healthy skin to absorb nutrients such as antioxidants from strawberries, potassium and vitamins from bananas and natural moisturizing elements from papayas. This treatment magically enhances all the senses due to the scents of the different fruits and to their vibrant colors, all of which fill the salon.

Seaweed therapy is also frequently requested. It transfers the sea´s bounty of minerals towards the body. Its antioxidant and moistening characteristics are beneficial for all types of skin.

Massages are deliberately subtle and designed to please the most demanding customers. The various options combine hot stones, reflexology for hands and feet, and Shiatsu techniques for the back. Whatever the option, each massage always seeks total relaxation and complete satisfaction.

In addition to body health, Zumay offers a modern and exclusive hair salon so customers can have manicures, pedicures, haircuts and makeup, among other services. Members of the Hair Salon also get special services and prices. There are Gift Certificates to celebrate special dates, when different services can be packaged to provide hours of true wellness and relaxation. The cost benefit equation is unbeatable.

An Individual Membership for one year costs $1,708 and for a Couple, $2,928. The Family Plan, where all close relatives can share the health benefits, costs $3,416. Individual Membership for half a year is $976. All prices include taxes. Payment can be done in cash or with any major credit card. Installments up to twelve months, without interest charges, are available through Diners Club. It´s worth noting that, under current regulations, these payments are tax deductible as health expenses.

Outstanding service is the outcome of the careful attention provided to each customer at the Zumay Health Club, according to the standards set by the JW Marriott brand. To be a Zumay Health Club Member means being surrounded by details that make the difference, such as highly trained staff, personal trainers, experienced therapists, lockers for daily use or rented personal lockers, complimentary fruits and beverages, towels for the gym and pools, plus soft robes for comfortable relaxation.