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Galápagos Isla Isabela

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our readers can see for themselves why the Iguana Crossing Boutique Hotel is considered one of the best in Galápagos. Its name comes from the daily pilgrimage of Isabela´s marine iguanas, a species unique to this island, going from the neighboring wetlands to the beach and crossing right in front of the hotel.

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Isabela is one of the largest islands in the archipelago. It´s also called the volcano island thanks to its six volcanos, five of which are still active, Wolf, Alcedo, Ecuador, Cerro Azul and Sierra Negra. The last one, Sierra Negra, has the world´s broadest crater, about six miles wide.


Marine and plant life on Isabela are quite distinct, a feature that attracts visitors from around the world. Tourists can observe five different species of giant land turtles plus penguins, iguanas, sea lions, white tip reef sharks, flamingos and all types of gaudy birds.


Iguana Crossing is the only ecological hotel in the Galápagos because it applies its principle of a sustainable environmentally friendly operation from its building foundations to its guest services. The hotel was built by native artisans using local materials. In this manner, the hotel achieved a perfect balance between the luxury that its guests demand and the natural environment that they expect. Iguana Crossing´s mission is to conserve Isabela´s environment while offering an unparalleled experience that matches the highest international lodging standards.


In the hotel, guests can enjoy a pool and jacuzzi with 360 degree vistas of the ocean and the volcano, plus a dining room and bar with a privileged view of the island. For moments of pure relaxation, nothing better than a massage in a guest room or lying on the beach with a cool refreshing breeze.


To explore Isabela and other islands, Iguana Crossing offers several tour packages. One of them is snorkeling in Las Tintoreras, an invitation to swim among sharks and other fishes in a magical place of many islets, dotted with coves and beaches, connected by a crevice full of crystal clear water. Another option is to dive in Los Túneles (The Tunnels), a marine sanctuary formed by lava flows and filled with wonderful species of fishes.


Three land tours complement the ocean trips. Visitors can see giant land turtles in Campo Duro, hike up to the crater of the Sierra Negra volcano or walk or ride a bike to the so called “wall of tears”, gazing at fantastic landscapes and a great variety of birds on the way.


Every detail is taken into account to make your stay perfect. Iguana Crossing will organize your activities according to the length of your stay and your personal preferences. It´s an ideal spot for a family vacation or an outing with friends. It has also become a famous place for weddings and honeymoons here are dreams come true.

If all this was not enough, the cuisine is just outstanding. The restaurant offers a menu with a variety of local and international choices. Local cuisine is based on traditional dishes such as shrimp or fish ceviche and sancocho, a soup that blends cassava (yucca) with fish. The house specialty is a barbecue on lava stones, something rarely found anywhere else in the world. A creative chef adds gourmet offerings created with fusion cuisine.


As part of its commitment to the environment as well as to provide absolutely delicious food, the hotel has a farm in the Isabela uplands. There they grow vegetables and fruits as well as coffee. Cows provide fresh milk, bread is baked on the premises and the seafood is always the catch of the day.

Legends say that on Isabela time stops so that body, mind and soul can catch their needed rest. No better place to stay than Iguana Crossing when it´s time to stop.