Cuenca´s colonial downtown is the preferred destination for all types of tourists thanks to a delicate balance among its size, its history, its colonial era beauty, its cuisine and the warmth of its people.

Cuenca possesses a unique personality that every curious traveler wants to see, at least once. Some tourists have decided to become permanent residents. And it all begins with the choice of which hotel is the best to live the Cuenca experience. There are many lodging options in Cuenca but few embody the essence of the colonial downtown like Hotel Victoria does, a place that meets absolutely all the requirements for a true Cuenca experience.


This imposing brick and marble edifice is located on Calle Larga and Presidente Borrero Streets, next to El Barranco, just a few steps away from the colonial downtown´s marvelous attractions. As if this were not enough, the majestic Tomebamba river flows at the feet of the hotel. Its architecture is engaging and its interior design also.

The interior design shows off Cuenca´s handicrafts in a way that gives each space its own personality and also reveals details of Cuenca´s history. French ornaments, Spanish heirlooms, Cañari (indigenous local culture) sculptures and paintings of ecuadorean artists all interact harmoniously to transport the guests to unexpected settings.


Its staff is the soul of the hotel. Their excellent service is always performed with outstanding charm and manners, in English or Spanish, be it to answer questions, provide tourist recommendations, offer menu suggestions or select an appropriate wine. The staff is trained to assist guests efficiently and knowledgeably.


Each room is different due to its decor and its size. Each one is wonderfully comfortable, where nothing has been overlooked, not even minor details. Luxury furniture and top quality finishes that meet the expectations of the most demanding guests are complemented by privileged views of Cuenca that astonish both visitors and residents.

The ground floor garden is a fantasy setting. For more than 35 years, guests have been served in comfortable open air tables surrounded by splendid vegetation. Hotel Victoria has been rated one of the top gourmet restaurants in Cuenca so each visit is an opportunity to try a new creation from the kitchen, where each dish is a delight and every choice seems more attractive than the prior one.


Several rooms are designed to enjoy evenings next to a cozy fireplace, in well-appointed spaces that beckon guests to sit down with a good book, to catch up with the news or to take care of business thanks to wi-fi access.


For more intimate moments, the El Barril Bar offers a lengthy selection of wines, liqueurs and exotic cocktails prepared by an ingenious bartender, accompanied by tasty snacks made according to the guests´ desires.

Next to the hotel, on Calle Larga Street, is Mishquis, a new place for coffee, fine pastries and pies. Visitors can also take away pickled preserves and jams, all made with fresh regional produce planted and harvested by Hotel Victoria.


Complete satisfaction during your stay in Cuenca is assured in Hotel Victoria. Its privileged location provides the best views of the city and the normal street noises are softened by the gurgling waters of the Tomebamba river that flows only a few feet away. The atmosphere is not only sophisticated, but also charming and friendly.

Undoubtedly, this is the best lodging choice, whether for a single traveler or a family, on vacation or on business, for relaxation or for adventure. Hotel Victoria will make your trip to Cuenca an unforgettable one. Perhaps, you will be one of those persons so captivated by Cuenca that you will stay for a long time.


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