The style which defines the music of Fondo Flamenco is “pop rock with a tint of flamenco”.

Quito received the visit of Fondo Flamenco, an ensemble from Seville, conformed by Alejandro Astola, Rafael Ruda and Antonio Manuel Ríos, as part of their Farewell Tour on Hispanic America. The spectacular show performed at the Belmonte Bull Ring was just at the height of our city.

What is it that you like most of Quito?

No doubt about it, the food!

What defines Fondo Flamenco?

Fusion and being as natural as possible.

Who is your muse?

No one and all. Anything can be a muse; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a woman. A film can be a momentary muse. Some famous artists have also served as a source of inspiration, and even though the list has changed in time, we can mention Camarón de la Isla, Paco de Lucía, and a few rappers.

What concert do you remember as especially important?

That which we performed in Madrid at the Palacio de Vistalegre in 2009; it was the first large concert attended by 12.000 people.

Songs that have marked your trajectory?

Ojalá, Mi estrella blanca and Escúchame mujer.

How did Fondo Flamenco came to be?

At school there were kids who played football; we played the guitar and Astola composed; the music simply drew us together. We then met Tony (Antonio) and the group got consolidated. We began with a pop flamenco trend. In our second record the production reflected the quality of the instruments, the musical arrangements and songs; the third included Anglo-Saxon influences with a slight shade of rock and acoustic guitars. By the fourth record we went back to flamenco guitar; and at the beginning -with that which marked the start- everything went perfect in Surología. The style which defines the music of Fondo Flamenco is a “pop rock with a tint of flamenco”.

Which is quite distant from sheer flamenco …

We had listened to flamenco even before we were born, like any Andalusian; however, the stride required until being able to interpret it, is quite significant.  Standards are very high, we respect very much the performers of flamenco.

Why say farewell?

We need to make different music, look for new things and reinvent ourselves as artists. The three members of Fondo Flamenco will continue with music separately; it´s what we do best.

How do you confront your farewell?

By coming to Ecuador. We wanted very much to visit South America.