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A new Chocolate Concept 

During the cocoa boom period that lasted between 1880 and 1920, Ecuador harvested between half and three quarters of the world´s production of fine quality cocoa. It was a period of economic bonanza. However, agricultural problems plus lower worldwide chocolate consumption caused such a drastic drop in cocoa production as to threaten the survival of the fine cocoa strains.


República del Cacao has ceased to be just a chocolate brand and has become a true community, a group of people joined by a common belief, “To Rescue Fine Cocoa at its Origin.” This community seeks to help all participants, from the small cocoa farmer to the final consumer, including along the way, entrepreneurs, famous chefs and renowned world class chocolatiers. One of the projects that República del Cacao has launched to foster this cause is the Cocoa Workshop.

Guayaquil´s José Joaquin de Olmedo airport is the showcase where República del Cacao exhibits its new Cocoa Workshop.


This new proposition is a blend of tradition and innovation. In a brand new República del Cacao store, visitors will find the best creations in “signature chocolates”. Two of the best known local chefs who are involved with the brand, Henry Richardson and Santiago Cueva, have sponsored and guided new young talented ecuadorean chefs in order to develop irresistible new flavors and textures for ecuadorean fine chocolate.


The Cocoa Workshop is a showcase for new ecuadorean chocolatiers who, with the assistance of experts, strive to carry fine chocolate to the highest level. In this first stage, chefs Daniela Yánez, Genevieve Abraham and Ricardo Ávila will be the ones to create fantastic recipes with fine chocolate, under the guidance of Henry Richardson. In the confectionary section, under the guidance of Santiago Cueva, chefs Jorge Guadalupe and Daniel Durán present new recipes that combine traditional practices with the latest trends.

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The Cocoa Workshop at República del Cacao offers delicacies such as chocolate candies stuffed with colada morada, canelazo, uvillas, rosero and coconut. Also, truffles and sugar-coated fruit rinds, a process that is typical of traditional ecuadorean candies. A couple of unique recipes are chocolate candies stuffed with cocoa grains and stuffed with indigenous tocte nuts. In the Cocoa Workshop we delight in these traditional ecuadorean flavors with fine chocolate plus a refreshing international touch.


Chef Santiago Cueva believes that the idea behind this Project is to convert Ecuador into a “chocolate country”, moving above and beyond its traditional designation as a “cocoa country”. This goal implies constant experiments to blend fine chocolate with traditional ecuadorean flavors, always in unique ways, always in the style of República del Cacao, seeking to offer new delicacies to chocolate lovers around the world. Chef Cueva´s vision is to develop Ecuador´s confectionary and that is the importance of this project in the Cocoa Workshop, to display the best ecuadorean confectionary products in delicious chocolate candies and truffles. Santiago conveys his passion for this project via a comment with a trace of humor, “It is said that if the chocolate is covered, something is hidden…. That’s why I encourage everybody to come discover our confectionary at the Cocoa Workshop.”


In order to continue to support the development of the fine chocolate business, not only through chocolate sales but also by sponsoring fine cuisine, this program seeks to develop young chefs who know about chocolate made from fine cocoa and are willing to experiment and to promote new recipes, but using the best confectionary techniques, thanks to the support of our international strategic ally, a group of French investors who found in República del Cacao the best Latin American brand for chocolate made from fine cocoa.


The Cocoa Workshop is not the only initiative sponsored by the República del Cacao brand to conserve fine cocoa. Other important activities include assistance to small fine cocoa farmers. This program, funded with 10% of corporate profits, trains more than two thousand small fine cocoa farmers so they are able to farm better, process the cocoa better, sell better and, in the end, lead a better quality life for themselves and their families.


Another notable initiative is the Entrepreneur´s Corner that renders business and technical advice to small companies that are starting their fine chocolate business and also provides a sales platform though República del Cacao´s nationwide store network. Among the products showcased currently in the Entrepreneur´s Corner are soap made with cocoa “butter”, decorative pieces made from cocoa pods and ready-made mixes for home baked chocolate cakes.


República del Cacao´s new stores in some of the leading shopping malls in Ecuador are another step forward in this quest to support fine cocoa because consumers can enjoy in these new stores the finest confectionary in Ecuador prepared with the absolutely best fine chocolate, in an elegant and colorful atmosphere that is associated with the brand.


We have a standing invitation for everybody to come and join this community, to assist República del Cacao´s effort to rescue this fine cocoa treasure at its origin and, in the process, to get to know and to enjoy the flavors and textures created by young talented ecuadorean chefs in the Cocoa Workshop.



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