Organic Juicebar & Eatery


Awareness is growing around the world of how important it is to provide our bodies with a suitable amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins. However, today´s fast pace doesn´t fit, in most cases, with the sensory experience of a proper meal. This is precisely why William and Estefanía created a better way to marry the nutritious qualities of delicious natural food with the convenience of fast food.


Warëwarë Organic Juicebar & Eatery offers a wide range of delicious and healthy dishes, mostly organic. Juices are their star features, made with a cold press technique that retains all the properties of fruits and vegetables. One of the favorites is Green, a juice made with green apples, spinach, cabbage and lemon. Besides being tasty, this drink also helps to detoxify the body.

Other items on the menu are vegetarian and vegan salads, vegan milk, cheesecakes, brownies and “shots” -measured amounts of juices- with a specific health purpose, such as strengthening the immune system. Gluten and lactose free options are available. When it´s time to grab a snack or eat lunch, Warëwarë is definitely the best choice for a delicious meal that also provides all the good stuff our bodies require.


“Ecuador is a country with fertile soil and very rich in fruits and vegetables,” exclaims Estefanía, “and we take full advantage. We invite everybody to come and try our new cuisine because we are certain it will please the most demanding palates as well as boosting energy and fostering better health.”
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