Personalized Fragrance

Mr. and Mrs. Thelab were married by moonlight. He is lighthearted and spontaneous and enjoys citric fragrances emanating during a summer night.  She is romantic and a dreamer and prefers the sweet scents of a blossomed prairie. Their love inspired an entrepreneur, and the magic of this romantic legend was decanted into a reality: the creation of a perfume laboratory in which clients are able to personalize their fragrance.


Essential oils extracted at Grasse (the capital city for the region of Provence in France) constitute the basic substance. Grasse is well known worldwide as the center of the industry devoted to the preparation of perfumes and fragrances. By molecular distillation each one of the ingredients is extracted, from the purest scent of a wild berry through to the impressive scent of an oak tree, going through the exquisiteness of a crème brûlée. This all is synthesized in the delicate presentation of the Thelab perfumes.

img_2012Telémaco Suárez, a 25 year old businessman who always had a weakness for fragrances, started to dream during one of his trips to New York. At that time, he used to purchase his perfumes and he himself would mix one and another in order to produce new scents. “Thelab’s concept is to personalize the fragrance and ensure that the essence used is not made available to anyone else”. In order to create such fragrances there is no specific formula; they simply adapt and develop according to the preferences of each person.

The quality of products offered by Thelab is optimal. The design of the products is made from hand-made sketches thus prompting exclusive and original creations for flasks, bottles, etc.

Thelab markets different lines satisfying the most demanding and sophisticated requirements. The star line corresponds to that of fine perfumes; another very complete one devotes to home fragrances; the splash gourmet line replicates the smells of a dessert, delicious chocolate, or a given whisky; it also caters soaps that are soft to the skin and have natural extracts; these are manufactured at Cuenca, Ecuador, and are based on glycerin. It is worth mentioning that none of the Thelab products stain fibers.

Telémaco has the peculiar ability to visualize and globalize concepts, from the presentation of the product, its very detail, to the venue design in order to attain the whole idea behind Thelab products, conveying a meaning by drawing together each one of its components into a sense of completeness.

Thelab has developed fragrances for companies such as Renault and the Hilton Colón Hotel Spa.

img_2041New among the products to be launched soon is a skin wax that combines elastin with silicone in order to soften and moisturize the skin in only a few seconds. Another one to be marketed is the anti-bacterial agent having moisturizing properties and emollients; and the gel perfume, a promising innovation of the brand. Everything from Thelab is hypoallergenic and as can be guessed, it is absolutely personalized. You can add luster or a greater amount of vitamins according to preference.

You’ll be close to Thelab everywhere in the country. It currently has 20 outlets nationwide. Be prepared to personalize your scent anytime, anywhere.


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