Italian, and an internationally highly recognized model, Alessandro visited Ecuador on occasion of the launching of “New Dimension”, the latest Graiman advertising campaign, for which he was the central figure. The stress of a gala night rushed him to the location just a few minutes after landing at the Mariscal Lamar Airport in Cuenca.

The event took place at the “Palacio de la Judicatura de Cuenca”, across from the Parque Central and near the Cathedral. The magnificent setting surprised Alessandro to the point that he couldn’t believe his eyes while he delved into the fantasy displayed during that wonderful evening.

“I came here for work purposes and haven’t had too much time to get to know the city, but I sure love what I have seen. Hotel Mansión Alcázar is marvelous; not very often do I find this kind of service and fine attention; its décor is unique and the food is spectacular. I enjoy tasting local food wherever life and work take me, and I can assure you Ecuadorian food is exceptional”.

A couple of hours later he is on his way again. His next stop is Quito, but with just enough time to make a flight connection. “Fortunately my agenda is quite tight; I must go to several places round the world within the same week; however, Cuenca does stand out in this visit”. Upon glancing thru his agenda, I was pleased to verify that the marvelous city of Cuenca was cited between engagements that included Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Milan.

With friendly manners, Alessandro said goodbye, promising to return.

“I came here to work and have hardly been able to get to know the city, but what I have seen I love”.