Just like the day of its grand opening sixteen years ago, JW Marriott Quito will look brand new by the June 2016 when its room renovation process culminates. The renovation includes its 257 rooms, hallways and Executive Lounge decorated with a modern style design and décor, functional and practical spaces, proper lighting, and comfortable furniture that will showcase the image of the best luxury hotel in Quito.


This uplifting transformation of the sixteen year old hotel will have taken ten months of hard work. The new designs follow the guidelines of the mother brand, Marriott International. These high standards, which have positioned Marriott as the number one hospitality company worldwide, are now evident at JW Marriott Quito.


The rooms, hallways, and Executive Lounge have a minimalist décor that follows one of the JW Brand principles: perfection isn’t achieved when there’s nothing left to add, but when there’s nothing left to take away.


Carpets are a past trend; today, the hotel’s floors flaunt a marvelous hardwood floor with German technology, plus a Pre-Columbian design throw rug. Lighting is provided by modern lamps made from stainless steel and wood with LED lightbulbs that use less energy and therefore, are environmentally friendly. The new blackout curtains have butterfly designs that represent the four thousand species of butterflies that can be found in Ecuador. Renovated bathrooms have Italian marble combined with delicate wood.


Although the décor and ambience in the rooms are fundamentally important, the details in the bed are the key that invite guests to rest after a long day of work or an adventurous tour of Quito. Pillows are made with a blend of goose and synthetic feathers and sheets have 300 threats that assure top quality and are dreamily soft and comfortable.


There are so many new features at the renovated JW Marriott Quito as there are reasons to choose this hotel when looking for high quality lodging in the city. As if luxury was not enough, JW Marriott Quito’s service quality and attention to details have been preserved with its levels of excellence for the past sixteen years.


JW Marriott is one of the nineteen brands in the Marriott International portfolio. There are six categories within this diverse portfolio: Destination Entertainment, Extended Stay, Modern Essentials, Signature, Lifestyle/ Collections, and Luxury.


The JW Marriott brand was created in honor of Marriott International’s founder, John Willard Marriott and therefore, it belongs to the Luxury category along with BVLGARI and The Ritz Carlton.


JW Marriott provides a full service experience where its service is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of balance that’s as much about what you don’t need as it is about what you do.


We follow the belief that sometimes, life’s greatest luxury is simply having the time and space you can call your own. Because when you remove excess, inspiration abounds. When you eliminate distractions, there’s room for the exceptional to emerge.