Posada Ingapirca is located only one thousand feet (three hundred meters) from Ecuador´s most important archeological site. The Lodge offers first class facilities and services yet, at the same time, it remains true to its surroundings. To stay at the Posada is to plug yourself into the mountain, just as the Inca and Cañari people did here five hundred years ago. Here, you will be able to feel an inner peace that only flows from an intimate contact with Nature.


As soon as you enter the Posada, walking in the shade of quinoa, acacia and polylepis trees, the majestic Andes mountains are visible all around. Walking down the Lodge´s garden paths you will observe llamas and alpacas playing freely with their young, while blackbirds and hummingbirds share their melodies before flying back to the mountains. This is a lush and fertile estate where, as soon as you unpack your bags, you will sense that the mountains are just as alive as you are.


As the sun goes down, the temperature drops. It´s time to step back into the Posada, a two hundred year old hacienda that has been renovated to suit the most demanding traveler. Each room has a fireplace or a heater, a hot water shower and top class finishings.


In the halls and hallways, the woodwork has been covered with local tapestries, ornaments and attire. Fresh flowers are spread everywhere. Far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, the Lodge is comfortable and cozy.


You can have fun in the play room, savor delicious meals in our gourmet restaurant, ride around the countryside or explore the Inca Trail. However, the biggest attraction is the Ingapirca site, a landmark in Ecuador´s history. From a distance, it seems like the mountains and the temple were sculpted by the same chisel.


This is no accidental harmony. These remains are neither lavish nor pretentious yet each detail is thoughtful and masterfully done. As you walk around the temple, you will probably hear the echoes of the wisdom of our ancient ecuadorean ancestors. In many fields, that wisdom remains unsupassed.


We provide a rustic yet luxurious experience in a sanctuary where you can reconnect with yourself and the world around you. Reserve your stay at Posada Ingapirca and ensure an unforgettable trip.

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