Quito’s traditional La Floresta neighborhood is known for its historic heritage houses, its friendly and convivial inhabitants but, foremost, by its very special ambiance that draws visitors and locals who feel at home. Is it La Floresta´s warmth? Its beauty? Its peacefulness? The answer is positive on all counts.

Small businesses have become a favorite and mandatory stop for people passing by. This happened to our CLAVE! Turismo team, dazzled by two cafeterias in the rear part of La Floresta, on Guipuzcoa Street. These places are now the standard for people who wish to savor an aromatic coffee or a delicious meal in an agreeable environment, shared with friends and family. So, let´s discover the treasures of La Floresta.



In the middle of La Floresta there is a magical space where peace and calm take hold of your senses. On the ground floor of a house where accessories are made with recycled materials, Botánica Café Jardín is a charming cafeteria, decorated mostly with wood and beautiful plants. It´s a place that beckons passersby to enter and enjoy the daily soup or salad, a tasty bagel, or just a great cup of coffee.

_mg_7164“Our idea was to create a space in La Floresta to take a break from daily routines and from the cityscape,” says Camila Khalifé, owner of Botánica. “The name and the décor come from this idea.” It´s manifested not only in Botánica´s physical space, but also in its menu. Ingredients are mostly organic. In fact, within the cafeteria, there are small vertical gardens that grow mint, spearmint, chives, arugula and other herbs. A defining feature is that every single item in Botánica, whether decorative or on the menu, was put together by Camila and her husband Antonio Portilla. “Everything here is here for a purpose”, they explain.

The Botánica sandwich is one of the favorite dishes thanks to its flavors of baked tomatoes, spices and gruyere cheese. Botánica´s unique salmon bagel is a treat… the salmon is cured on the premises with a touch of beets and lemon plus a host of other spices. Just one bite ensures a desire to return again and again to enjoy this delicacy.

Drinks at Botánica cannot be overlooked. Juices are made with fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs, blended to perfection, just right to slake a thirst or to accompany any dish.
Botánica organizes weekly events with themes focused on art and on food. An area within the cafeteria has been converted into a gallery to showcase accessories handcrafted by designers who work with recycled materials.

Botánica Café Jardín

Martes – Viernes
Tuesday – Friday
11h00 – 20h00
Sábado – Saturday: 11hoo-16h00
Guipuzcoa E14-104  y Coruña
(593) 2 500 6748


img_0880Walking down Guipuzcoa Street, our noses are tempted by the aroma of fresh brewed coffee. This aroma comes from a cafeteria that is equally striking, with sidewalk tables, open windows and strong colors. Jervis is a small cafeteria where pedestrians can halt their daily chores and take a few minutes to enjoy the pleasures of excellent coffee with sweet or salt side dishes.

Juan Pablo Jervis is a graphic designer by trade who loves good food and, above all, great coffee.  Juan Pablo owns this unique cafeteria which is, in his words, “a place where people become friends, an open space that creates a feeling of closeness.”

img_0562Jervis´ coffee is a favorite of many connoisseurs, undoubtedly thanks to its particular blend of different coffee beans and to its rigorous preparation process. First, the coffee mill is set for the size of the beans and the type of grind desired.

Then, the ground coffee is fed into the machine and, finally, a creamy espresso pours out. Jervis´ coffee leaves a subtle aftertaste of hazelnut and chocolate. “I wish people to learn to drink tastier coffee, to appreciate its balance and its tones”, states Juan Pablo.

Desserts remind us of childhood flavors. Homemade with old fashioned recipes, these pastries are the best way to sweeten the morning. Our favorite is the chocolate cake made with cocoa from El Oro province, followed closely by a lemon pie and by the biscotti, all excellent choices to accompany a cup of coffee.

Besides sweets, sandwiches are the best choice. Unique recipes harbor subtle flavors and create a truly delicious experience. Just imagine the taste of camembert cheese melting in your mouth together with the sweetness of a pear slice…


Juan Pablo Jervis studied at Cordon Bleu in Lima, Peru. He earned certificates as barista and chef of Mediterranean, Spanish, Italian and Asian cuisines.

Jervis Café Delicatessen

Lunes – Viernes
Monday – Friday
09h30 – 19h00.

Guipuzcoa E14-27 y Lugo
(593) 2 322 7902