Nights in Guayaquil are enlivened by a proposal that goes beyond the daily routine and invites people to be captivated by a blend of modernity and avant-garde, in its atmosphere, music, décor, plus its cuisine and cocktail wizardry. In sum, an eclectic proposal that sets a trend.

Vento Rooftop works with a lounge concept that seeks, “to provide its customers with a different atmosphere, a cosmopolitan flair”, states Luis Morejón, one of the partners. The rooftop is located on a sixth floor, so its patrons get a unique view from an exclusive place.

Luis adds that, “Antuco Plaza, our interior designer and partner also, captured our concept perfectly and literally floored us with this design that creates a very special mix, where lighting plays a key role”. The restaurant area is quite contemporary, yet cozy at the same time, “whereas the terrace area, or rooftop, resembles an enchanted forest with such a bewitching atmosphere that your skin tingles”. This locale exhibits an appropriate blend of modern and rustic.

Patrons, whose average age is around 35, enjoy live music once a week. “Music changes, one day, house, another, in Spanish”, Luis explains. He also insists that any day is good to come to Vento because its cosmopolitan environment can be enjoyed anytime, while patrons discover the different nuances in this place, from its cuisine to the general atmosphere that envelops people who leave their routine behind and come to gaze upon Guayaquil from a height.

Now, once you are in this relaxed and avant-garde atmosphere, with some of your senses already captivated, put a bondiola (sausage made from pork meat and fat) glazed in black beer sauce in your mouth and it will melt, immediately. Just then, time will stop while the delicate blend of flavors spreads across your palate. This is one of the celebrity dishes, accompanied with a delicious roasted yellow sweet potato, mushroom ragú (Italian meat-based sauce)…. among other delicacies that we ought not mention so that you will be completely surprised!

Vento runs a “type of global kitchen”, according to chef José Arellano, because it incorporates “a mix of techniques and products with a clear Ecuadorean mark”. They also use various Asian products such as spices that add a particular taste to the food. “For example, we have a Tataki tuna with salprieta (a typical side dish from the province of Manabí, used as a condiment for dishes based on fish) and a ponzu sauce that is prepared with citrus, spices, ginger and soy. Most of our dishes have this marked fusion style with various Ecuadorean flavors. Yet, at the same time, we experiment with European, French techniques…modern.”

You can´t leave Vento until you have tried the house dessert: banana cheesecake to the cube, a perfect complement to, for example, the pork bondiola. “We played a little with the name, since we employed three techniques to prepare this dessert: a sponge cake of silk bananas, with a banana toffy in the middle and banana cream with mascarpone (Italian cream cheese) added to fig jelly, quince gel and a creamy chocolate”.

Víctor del Pozo, the barman, mentions that he prepares classic cocktails. So, for example, you can sip an exquisite martini while contemplating the humid dusk in the city known as the Pearl of the Pacific.

Naturally, Vento can also serve those who desire the trendy drinks. That´s the case with gin tonic, prepared with red fruits, citrus, marinated. There is even a machine to dehydrate fruits in order to supply fresh and innovative flavors to this famous refreshing drink.

The Vento cocktail is for lovers of nontraditional flavors, with gin, tabasco marmalade and red fruits, among other ingredients.

Vento Rooftop is more than just a destination. It´s an experience that will appeal to all your senses while you enjoy the company of your friends.