A dream come true

Rodrigo Pacheco is the perfect host in Las Tanusas. He knows the hotel business inside out, he is passionate about cooking and he faces the daily events with enthusiasm and good humor. In Las Tanusas every detail is carefully planned, the organization is impeccable and the guests get personal service. Naturally, every stay creates a wealth of joyful moments.


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    Puerto Cayo, Manabí
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Rodrigo doesn’t print menus. Neither he nor his guests are constrained by a predetermined list of dishes. Instead, every morning the kitchen is like a blank canvas, until the time when the fishermen’s catch of the day and the batches of fresh vegetables and fruit arrive. Rodrigo then starts to prepare each meal according to whatever fresh natural ingredients are available on that day. Meanwhile, the scent of garden herbs spreads through the air, opening guest’s appetites in anticipation of sitting down to savor one of Rodrigo’s culinary masterpieces.


Rodrigo’s cooking draws from local traditions of simple fare, steeped in history and anecdotes


Rodrigo’s cooking draws from local traditions of simple fare, steeped in history and anecdotes. He presents each dish together with a short story, so you feel that each dish brings along many years of the cultural history of this maritime province of Manabí.


Guests can choose accommodations that best suit their needs, be it a single, double or triple room, or a stand-alone villa with its own private pool

Your stay can be organized around a series of packages or “retreats” conceived to meet the distinct desires of each guest. The objective is for guests to live and experience those activities closest to their hearts. Las Tanusas wishes all visitors to spend some days living their dream.


  • Puerto Cayo – Manta Ruta del Sol 12Km Norte
  • Entre $400 y $1.000 por noche
  • info@lastanusas.com
  • 099 819 9428
  • 24° C a 29° C
    July and August is the peak season for whale watching.

The “Gastroretreat” is aimed at maximum culinary delight. According to the ancestral wisdom of South America’s native peoples, eating is the closest way to connect with nature. So, on the “Gastroretreat” you go fishing in the mangroves and river banks following traditional customs, you catch shell fish in the sea and you harvest fruits and vegetables in season. Finally, you get to see how these ingredients are transformed into five course meals, of course paired with the most appropriate wines.


The “Wellness Retreat” seeks peace and well-being. It begins with yoga and pilates lessons on the beach, in the spa or in the privacy of your own villa. Breathing unpolluted marine air and absorbing positive energy from the environment help establish a closer link with your inner self. In the same way as ancient local cultures used medicinal plants to mitigate pain, prevent disease and lighten the spirit, today the spa at Las Tanusas prepares healing juices and diets that purify both body and spirit.

Riding horses on the beach, walking through an unspoiled forest, fishing with local fishermen, diving, surf and whale watching are available

Guests who wish to spend time closer to nature will choose the “Natural Forces Retreat”. Las Tanusas is in the middle of an area that is quite biodiverse, ideal for nature hikes, particularly in a nearby national park. This program includes trips to Plata island, Los Frailes beach and Pacoche forest, plus diving and surfing lessons with a private instructor.


The “Wisdom Retreat” is the most elaborate and yet the most elementary. It provides full access to all of Las Tanusas services. With a personal assistant at your call, you can enjoy everything in a peaceful and quiet environment, with exclusive attention in luxurious comfort. Meals can be served in other locations or in your own villa, dishes a la carte. This package includes a special trip to see how local artisans weave fashionable straw hats, the world famous featherweight “Panama hats” that can be tightly rolled and then worn again without a crease.

For all guests, the list of activities in Las Tanusas is quite extensive. Among them, riding horses on the beach, walking through an unspoiled forest, visiting a local vegetable garden, fishing with local fishermen, practicing yoga, diving, surfing and birdwatching. One extraordinary experience is to take a boat to watch humpback whales up close during their mating season from June to September.

For improved health, there are herbal teas and cleansing juices. For basking in nature, meals on the beach or the reef, drinks at dusk, beach bonfires at night. For lifelong learning, outdoors cooking lessons. For the body, coconut milk treatments, outdoor massages in secluded areas. For the spirit, walks in the forest, a place that induces meditation.

Guests can choose accommodations that best suit their needs, be it a single, double or triple room or a stand-alone villa with its own private pool. Each villa wahorse_riding2s designed to astonish guests with magnificent ocean views and well- tended gardens. Fine bed linens, modern bathrooms and a choice of air conditioning or ventilators make guests perfectly comfortable.

Las Tanusas is perfect for young couples and for family groups. Business events can take advantage of meeting rooms with an inspiring view. Prices run from 400 to 1.000 dollars per day, including all meals and some activities.

“Our guests have left us page after page recalling their experiences and emotions and, specially, how they found what they were seeking”, says Rodrigo. “The modern cosmopolitan tourist values Las Tanusas environmentally friendly design, our staff’s amiable service and the unique details that distinguish us from the large hotel chains.”

Three years after its opening, Las Tanusas has definitely learned all the lessons on how to cater sophisticated and demanding guests. Undoubtedly, Rodrigo and his team have met the challenge of developing a world class resort in a pristine and uncrowded area. Here, guests are served to perfection, beyond international service standards.