A night in a rootop in Guayaquil

A new concept is the talk of the town in Guayaquil. Sociedad Anónima is the name of this rooftop restaurant bar, property of the well-known architect Daniel Luis Muñoz, who along with his partner Valeria Viteri, have shown off their skills as interior designers to offer their city with a spot that reflects the most current trend in various corners of the world. While Ramiro Viteri took care of the constructive and operative details, another partner, Agustín Febres Cordero, is the creator of the concept of the place and responsible for the excellent marketing management. The contribution of each of the partners has made this place, the city’s trend.

It is located on the terrace of the Del Portal Building, and has become one of the most visited places by locals and frequent travellers that often visit the capital of the Guayas province.

It was inaugurated in June and has become the star of the night by ideally merging the concept of bar and restaurant in one place. It offers a wide variety of dishes to delight all types of palates, with “tapas” based on Ecuadorian flavors that are the fundaments of its gastronomic concept.

The bar is an elegant environment that invites guests to taste a number of different cocktails that have been named by its author. Visitors are encouraged to explore their creativity and create new cocktails, combining liqueurs that are to their liking, or are welcome to enjoy the traditional ones that they often do. The only challenge here is to determine by which to start and with which to continue.

The decoration is most impressive. Daniel Luis and Valeria had personally handled every detail. In fact, this aspect is as important an attribute as the food and beverage options it offers to customers. Occupying the rooftop terrace has allowed him to create a unique atmosphere in the city, where each space has its own personality. The correct handling and combination of different elements incorporates vintage style lamps that maintain a dim light, transporting the minds of visitors to past times at the same time that it stimulates joy and the relaxation.

Its wide terrace cleverly takes advantage of the warm weather of Guayaquil nights. It leaves behind the concept of being a space to step out just for a short moment and becomes one of the most acclaimed atmospheres of the bar. This spacious outdoor area offers all the comforts that guests enjoy in the interior spaces, but adds an impressive panoramic view of a city full of life and movement.

Nature predominates in the ambiance. Correctly placed plants of all sizes create paths and differentiate one space from another, providing each step with a new experience while they are used to define interior and exterior spaces. The meticulous lighting that stands them out makes for a wonderful sight in the evening or at night, creating the perfect environment to enjoy the view and wonderful weather that Guayaquil has to offer.

Sociedad Anónima is the ideal place to go whether you are hungry or thirsty, if you are alone or with friends, or if you are looking to enjoy acclimatized interiors or fresh outdoor breezes. It is perfect to go after work and leave behind a busy day, or just to spend time with friends. It is one those small corners that achieve the magic that we all seek: get away from the mundane noise of the city without leaving it.