My mind is set on fresh seafood for lunch… It´s Thursday midday in Guayaquil… After a busy morning I decide to head to Hotel Oro Verde. It´s a very nice hotel with such friendly people that it feels like home.

Caridad Vela, Directora de Clave Turismo

Caridad Vela, Directora de Clave Turismo

Among all the options I choose Le Gourmet Restaurant for its fine décor and easygoing environment. To my surprise, because it is not announced in their web page, today was a different day. Over a bed of fluorescent light all kinds of fish and seafood delicacies were displayed. It felt like touring a fine marketplace. The view of it was amazing. Shrimp, prawns, crab or squid were the options for entrees.


The main course was a huge question mark because the variety of fish, and the many preparations available did not make my decision easy. The accompaniments were equally attractive, all supplements rich in preparation and presentation that became artworks when placed on the plate.


My imagination awoke with the detailed recommendations from the culinary experts. I wanted to try a little of everything. My cravings were so fully satisfied that I can´t go into details of everything I tasted, but the photos accompanying this report speak for themselves. I enjoyed a glass of very cold sauvignon blanc while the dishes paraded in front of me, taking me on a journey where all my senses were involved.


Delicious desserts closed this adventure with a flourish. At that point I had the pleasure of meeting Antonio Pérez, the chef, who without knowing that I was going to write about his skills, and until today doesn´t know, walked up to my table to find out if his food had fulfilled my expectations.

Thanks a lot Antonio! Total satisfaction.