Text by Rosanna Mancino, Vía Mía Blog

Photos: Daniela García Schulz

Empowered women empower other women” is the phrase that identifies Daniela García Schulz: 25 years old, journalist and citizen of the world.

Daniela was born in Valencia, Venezuela; she lived in Quito, Ecuador; studied Sports Journalism and Business at Loyola Universtiy in the United States and obtained her master’s degree in Madrid, where she met the love of her life and got married in Cartagena, Colombia. Currently works generating digital content for important brands in Panama City and is the face of some of them. Through her networks: @danigschulz and @todoestabienpodcast she shares her vision of life, her passion for football, cooking and well-being; always sincere, fresh and positive.

“Living in several countries has helped me to accept the people around me, stop stressing whith what they say, and understand the meaning of tolerance. Traveling has taught me to live life more fully.

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

¿Which trip made a difference in your life?

The first time I went to Europe with my family taught me the world is a window of opportunities. I visited the town in north Spain where my father was born and grew up in, it was super emotional. I also visited Bernabéu, the Real Madrid stadium, where I discovered that Sports Journalism was my thing.

¿The greatest learning from your trips?

To be a sponge. Learn everything I can, taste every kind of food, meet all kinds of people. These experiences last a lifetime and make you a citizen of the world.

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

¿Which mean of transportation do you enjoy the most?

Airplane! I love watching people at the airport, catching what book they are reading, carrying my veggie lunch on the plane not minding if I look weird.

¿Do you read, watch movies or listen to podcasts when traveling?

I read Homo Deus from Yuval Noah Harari during my travels in Europe, it made me think about why we are here and what our purpose is. In podcasts I love the Mind Body Green, it´s about health and mindfulness. It helps me relax and learn new trends of well-being, which is another of my passions. Les Miserables is the best movie I’ve seen on the plane. I cried like never before! Sometimes, traveling makes me melancholic.

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

¿Which flaws are hard to overcome before traveling?

Packing. I want to take every the outfit I own, each with different shoes, handbags and a belt that provides a different touch. I do not travel light, I’m prepared for rain, sun, hurricanes, snow, whatever!

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

How do you organize your suitcase?

By looks and in rolls. I always think about the outfits I want to be photographed in and then the packing starts.

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

How do you balance style and comfort?

Comfortable tennis shoes that match many outfits, with platform to give you a little height. A handbag in which everything fits but is neutral in color to easily combine, and hair accessories that give an elegant touch.

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

A gadget that you can´t forget?

A camera! To record everything I see and take good quality photos.

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

Describe your best picture?

The photo where my face is clearly seen with a smile is what people like the most and It is the kind of photo I always remember.

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

Tips for a street style photo to come out cool?

Be shameless and take advantage of the moment. Ask the person who takes the picture to take many (in iphone burst mode), and change your pose while he does it. Surely there will be one that you will like!

How do you take care of your diet?

I try to taste everything without restricting myself. I faithfully believe that you have to eat every new thing to get to know a place well.

What’s in your carry-on?

A face soap, make-up remover, and a BB cream that gives me sun protection during the day with a touch of color, plus face masks, those sheets that you use for 15 minutes to hydrate and then discard. I recommend Sephora, they have different types for every need and are not expensive.

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

What do you always buy in duty free shops?

A perfume and a good bottle of whiskey.

Hotels and restaurants: which ones get your five stars?

I´d rather stay in hoteles that are not too expensive to spend my budget going to spectacular and delicious restaurants. Food is higher on my priorities because usually I only arrive at the hotel at sleeping time.

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

Traveling is the best medicine for the soul. Do you agree?

100%. Traveling helps you get to know yourself, appreciate what you have and accept people you consider very different from you.

What´s on your mind when you look out the window of an airplane?

I think a lot about my family and on what I want to take back from the trip I’m about to start.

Daniela García Schulz - CLAVE! Turismo Ecuador

Your next trip?

Quito, and in the summer we will be traveling in Europe.

Good travels, traveler!