A saying goes among those who are well versed with tourism in the sense that in order to get to know a city well, you must tour it with a local person, more so if what brings us today to Cuenca is venturing into evening entertainment options. So, we are ready to take our chances hanging out with Andrés Talbot – from Cuenca. He truly belongs to Cuenca, more even than ‘mote pillo, cascaritas, filigree and the roast pork sandwiches of ‘Doña Piedad’ (a must in Azuayan partying) in order to enjoy a weekend of night-time fun.

People from Cuenca are friendly and partygoers, very hospitable, enjoy the good life at a leisurely pace, and enjoy a wonderful cuisine in long lunches with appropriate accompanying beverages. As a matter of fact, one of the most characteristic spirit drinks of Ecuadorians is proudly Cuencano. Hence, when you visit this city, do not ask for a drink; you must ask for a draquesito.

Besides countless charms, Cuenca invites their guests to party. There are three disco-bars you mustn’t miss: Rolings, Laos and Pa’Cortarse las Venas. Each with its strong features and specific entertainment; and it´s here that Andrés’ expertise came handy to make the most of the noche morlaca (an evening in Cuenca).



Laos is the ‘tropipop’ and dancing music place in Cuenca. It is perfect if you want to enjoy a truly good party with a spectacular ambiance. Here, age bracket does appear to be 18 to 30 years old, with few exceptions of older peers – rebels without a cause who enjoy the venue just like those aged 20.

“A discotheque boasting Oriental decoration that stands out for its elegance and excellent sound”, assures Andrés. The details contribute toward creating the ambiance as much as does the spirit of people from Cuenca who make the party alive. There are terracotta soldiers and metal flowers on the walls, which transport us to the most cosmopolitan discos in the world. Special nooks are available for smokers.

The perfect plan would begin with the “preli”, or what is known as warming-up of engines, at Rolings; and, to close with a flourish at Laos, dancing to the rhythm of merengue and salsa.



Av. 12 de Abril 11-05 y Florencia Astudillo

Open from Thursday to Saturday
22h00 – 02h00

Thursdays and Saturdays: Free entrance for ladies
until 00h00 and gents $5
Fridays: $10 for both gents and ladies

(593) 7 410 3030


dsc_7244If you love rock, the place is just perfect for you. Rolings is a sport rock bar and beer with live music from Thursday through Saturday. People can enjoy the food, good music, and group shows. Specialties catered by the house include hamburgers, Jack Daniels wings, nachos and a variety of beers and cocktails. “Open mic-night takes place on Thursdays; this means that the stage welcomes local and foreign bands that wish to have a performance audition. On Fridays and Saturdays well known bands have a show exhibiting excellent repertoire and paying homage to other groups”, Andrés explains.

The appropriate decoration in a friendly environment invites to begin the night by eating, and from there go on with unending dancing, everything at the same site. Patrons are 25 years old and upwards. There’s no age limit really, it all depends on the partying spirit, not on how old you are.


Av. 12 de Abril 11-05 y Florencia Astudillo

Open from Thursday to Saturday
19h30 – 02h00

Thursday: $5 consumables
Fridays and Saturdays: $10, out of which $5 are consumables

(593) 7 410 3030
Admittance prior reservation only


31German explorer and naturalist Alexander Von Humboldt once said: “Ecuadorians are truly bizarre and unique: they sleep at peace amidst crackling volcanoes; live poor amidst bountiful riches, and get happy with sad music”.

Pa’ Cortarse las Venas is a different concept of karaoke where Ecuadorians cheer up while listening to romantic music that prompts nostalgia and melancholy. Largely, the referential songs of this place are classics such as ‘La Maldita Primavera’ by Yuri, ‘Ahora te puedes marchar’ by Luis Miguel plus the Mexican rancheras by Alejandro Fernández, music just suited to, as they say in Spanish “slit your wrists by”. With the passing of hours, refreshing drinks come and go while the music changes and the place switches to Spanish dancing music.

If you belong to the inveterate romantic, call and make a reservation because there is no admittance without a booking. It is a place to go with friends, have some drinks and start the evening at full beat.


Av. 12 de Abril 11-05
y Florencia Astudillo

Wednesday to Saturday

Wednesdays: Ladies for free
and gents minimum $5 consumption.
Thursdays – Saturdays: $15

(593) 7 410 3030
Admittance prior reservation only