Moments of relaxation, the kind that help stop time in the midst of a busy daily life are not only healthy, they are desirable. Whether it is a social gathering or a family event, a work appointment or the quest to kill time in peace what attracts us, defining the place is always the key.

The perfect setting to tranform these meetings in unforgettable experiences is at the Dann Carlton Hotel, located on Ave. República del Salvador, in Quito. The London Tea Room is the new and exclusive atmosphere that welcomes a limited number of guests who will enjoy privacy and personalized attention.

Describing the experience is like trying to materialize the ephemeral. Everything in the environment appeals to the senses. The English style decoration is perfectly combined with fine crockery and cutlery of the same origin, in which delicious snacks are served from a menu that surprises those who enjoy it. An exquisite variety of tea and specially selected coffee adds to the wonderful options of fruit infusions, wine, cocktails and liquors, that are served to the satisfaction of the guests.

Even the smallest detail has been considered and handled with special attention. Guests can choose their dish from the menu, or the group can opt from recommendations that are offered to share. If this is the case, the center of the table will hold a display of delicate pastry and options in salt dishes that are a delight for the palate and a true visual adventure.

Considering that the privacy and exclusivity offered by London Tea Room is the quality that stands out among other options offered in the city, it is recommended to book the space in advance. The maximum capacity is 30 people, and serving schedules are from 7am to 9pm, Monday to Sunday.