Galápagos Islands

A five-day, four-night cruise through the Enchanted Islands is an experience you will never forget. Each hour of the trip is meticulously prepared by experts to allow you to fully admire everything that Galapagos Island´s have to offer. Wildlife, active volcanoes, the marine reserve… all while enjoying the very best in luxury and sophisticated comfort.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

One of the most attractive cruises is made aboard the Isabela II Yacht, providing an intimate and unforgettable experience in the Islands. With only 20 cabins and capacity of 40 guests, the trip becomes naturally a more exclusive.

The expedition spirit on Isabela II allows its guests to enjoy itineraries created to make the most out of their stay. These itineraries are structured by experts, so that regardless of the number of days of the trip, visitors are able to see the largest number of resident wildlife species as possible, especially the Islands’ 15 largest. The Galapagos Islands, of course, are home to species that are unique only to this location.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

Expeditions are made in small groups of 11 people, maximum, in order to best enjoy each step. Here, the landscapes are totally out of this world, you feel like you are on another planet.

Part of the yacht’s water activities include a glass-bottomed boat tour, where you can experience the undersea world while remaining on the surface. And, if you prefer, there are kayaks or passenger boats (which the locals call “pangas”) available to experience another kind of sensation. However, if you make it to this magical corner of the world, the best recommendation is to submerge in its amazing waters with a dive.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

Isabela II has state-of-the-art technology for multimedia presentations and conferences on natural history. The boat also has a library for guests to continue learning about each place they visit. This is a great option for passing the time between expeditions.

You will be astonished and amazed by the spectacular locations you visit, while your taste buds will love the gourmet food on the luxury yacht. The food is designed by a culinary director trained at Cordon Bleu, and the service, managed by an experienced and well-trained staff, is nothing but the best. Food is served either at the inside dining room or outside on the deck, a great option for those who don´t want to miss a second of the sun or ocean breeze to fully enjoy the place where they are.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

The yacht design is both modern and sophisticated, with specific areas for rest and entertainment. On the fresh-air terrace, the whirlpool entices you to relax, and the gym is ideal for working out.

Each detail has been carefully planned, and even the use of technology onboard has been designed sustainably to reduce the yacht’s environmental footprint.

The itinerary listed below is a quick summary of the incredible experiences that await you onboard Isabela II.



After arriving at Balta airport, a ferry across the Itabaca Canal takes you to Santa Cruz Island. On the island, you will enjoy the breathtaking views while eating lunch at the highest point on the island.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

Still breathless from the island beauty, you will head to Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island, where you will visit the Charles Darwin Research Station. Here, you will be greeted by giant tortoises in a cactus forest, also home to land birds.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

Afterwards, the day’s activities continue. You will stroll through the streets of Puerto Ayora, and at the end of the day, board Isabela II, where the Captain will greet you with a welcome cocktail and exquisite dinner.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo


Post Office Bay and Baroness Lookout Point / Cormorant Point (Floreana Island)

The adventure begins in Post Office Bay, where you visit the historic barrel that for more than two centuries served as the archipelago mail service. Here, you have the option of snorkeling off the beach.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

The visit continues to Cormorant Point on Floreana Island, where the expedition takes off toward a lagoon, home to beautiful flamingos, and further ahead, to a white sand beach on the other side of the island, where marine turtles nest at night. There are several adventures to choose from, including a ride in a panga, glass-bottomed boat, or snorkeling on Champion Islet.


Suarez Point / Gardner Bay (Española Island)

In the morning, you will see seabird colonies, including albatrosses (April to January), boobies, swallow-tailed gulls and the famous “Blower.” Endemic species include the famous marine iguanas, which have a surprising greenish red and black color. You will see all of this on your Suarez Point walk, which goes through lava and rocky terrain.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

In the afternoon, the group visits Gardner Bay on Española Island, with an incredible white coral beach and home to sea lions, mockingbirds and finches. Snorkeling is a must here, you will find an aquatic world chock-full of animal life. It truly is a dream come true. You can also kayak or take a ride on a canoe or glass-bottomed boat.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo


Pitt Point / Witch Hill (San Cristobal ‘Chatham’ Island)

You step off the yacht at the east end of the island and then walk up a trail that provides incredible coastal views. This is the only place in the Islands where you will find three species of boobies together, two species of frigate birds, and a colony of sea lion bachelors. It is a unique experience.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

A panga takes you to the second stop at a wide white beach called Witch Hill on San Cristobal Island. This is a great place for birdwatching and picking out Galapagos sea lions.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo


Port Baquerizo Moreno / San Cristóbal Island

After breakfast, your adventure ends at the port city to fly back to the mainland.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

There are many ways to visit Galapagos, but the adventure in this luxury cruise is the best chosen by visitors from around the world.

Galapagos Cruise - Clave! Turismo

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