On the Pacific coast, at the Western-most end of South America is located the Santa Elena Peninsula, home to one of the most incredible, paradise-like glamorous cities in Ecuador. Salinas is considered a metropoli that offers the highest vacation standards.

Salinas has it all: relaxation activities, eco tourism, adventure tourism. It is home to famous competitions in various fields such as sport fishing, tennis and fashion. It has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, with residential buildings and five and four star hotels in its two traditional beaches: Chipipe and San Lorenzo. Among them, the prestigious Hotel Barceló Colón Miramar, Hotel Calippso and Hotel Marvento stand out.


Located on a strategic geographical spot, there are endless entertainment possibilities. You can spend the day watching the Yubarta whales that come on July and November to feed near its coast; or you can dive in the surrounding reefs.

Caressing the Pacific coast and enjoying an overwhelming view of sand, sun and ocean, you can visit other nearby tourism attractions such as Punta Carnero, Punta Blanca or Punta Centinela. And on the gastronomical end, the cuisine options include a glass of fresh oysters with lemons in one of the market’s small restaurants, a ceviche in the typical restaurant La Lojanita, or a corn o the cob in the renown Carloncho.


Once the tourism options have been covered in Salinas, take the route north, to Montañita. A small bohemian town, the preferred spot for surfers as well as other tourists search of enchanted views. With alternative architecture, it takes advantage of the environment and uses traditional materials such as bamboo, vegetable ivory and other species for its constructions.

A great number of foreigners have turned Montañita into their permanent residence becoming hotels, hostels, discos and restaurant owners. Hence the variety of hotel options such as ME, Hotel Baja Montañita, Hostal Kundalini and Hosteria Arandú.

There are various activities and options for the tourist including ornithology tours, hikes through the tropical and dry forest, and other adventure and ecotourism activities. Behind Montañita you will find Olon’s Protected Forest and Machalilla National Park, where unique ecosystems are part of the international hot spots list due to their biodiversity and endemism.


Montañita is a preferred option to celebrate New Year’s Eve and Moon Celebrations. In a cultural fusion, foreigners participate in the ritual locals have positioned as a world-class event. Hence the national and international surf championships are among the most important activities; while the electronic scene has positioned itself with events featuring famous DJ’s such as Anabel Englund and Lee Curtis. Nightlife involves partying, dancing. On the food front there is a range of options from grilled seafood, Mediterranean, Japanese or South American cuisine.

The 2.4 miles of coast are shared with the town of Manglar Alto on the south, while a boulder separates it from Olón and Ayampe, other tourism spots. When travelling by land, the pristine beach of Los Frailes is an obligated stop.


Los Frailes is the eden of white sands and transparent waters, with hidden beaches along the way, dry forest a chaparral ecosystem ideal for a romantic getaway. You can also reach the beach by sea, departing from Salinas in a private yacht. The quality and glamour of the services available for the tourists are unlimited in this oasis filled with easures of its beaches, the experience will provide a perfect mix of traditional tourism trends of sun and beaches, as well as adventure and ecotourism options.