San Pablo del Lago (Saint Paul of the Lake) is, without a doubt, one of the most visited places in Ecuador. It´s close to Quito and its marvelous highland landscapes are admired by locals and foreigners. The lakes, the famous Otavalo handicrafts market, the indigenous communities and the cultural heritage that is evident everywhere are just some of the attractions of this area.


Medina del Lago is the perfect complement to make your visit to this lake region an unforgettable event. It is a statement of comfortable luxury in an atmosphere of peace and quiet, where you can literally breathe the scents of nature. This hotel is the ideal place to achieve that well-earned rest that you have imagined, to relax with its incredible body treatments or to go out on some adventure trip.

Medina del Lago offers a basket of incomparable experiences. It´s an exclusive mountain retreat where the views can leave you breathless. Fifteen large rooms, the Mirador restaurant seating forty, two meeting rooms for forty persons and outdoors events for up to two hundred are all available, in legendary surroundings.


Personal attention spoils our guests from the moment they arrive. The highest service standards are combined with Mirador´s cuisine, the best in the area. This charming space seduces the senses in every dimension. The natural scenery is stunning, each dish exudes an enchanting aroma and outstanding wines delight the palate. In sum, an almost mystical event.

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Dawn reveals such a majestic landscape that energy will just flow into your body. Next, a country breakfast, fresh and delicious, served in the cafeteria or in your room. Several choices for your day´s activities, from a visit to the handicrafts fair in Otavalo, recognized as one of the oldest indigenous markets in South America, to a cattle fair or a hike to Condor Park. This park is run by a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection, rescue, recovery and reinsertion of birds into their natural habitat.


Lunch and dinner present a problem, the need to choose between the chef´s recommendations. Two full course menus, using fresh local produce, are prepared so lovingly that they meet the most exacting international standards. If you prefer the privacy of your own room, there is a choice of lighter dishes such as salads, snacks or country sandwiches, accompanied with special house juices made from fresh fruits.


After lunch, there are several options. You can sit down to enjoy a variety of herb teas with a basket of biscuits and craft pastries. If you would rather be in touch with nature, one recommendation is a horse ride along the borders of Medina del Lago. Another, is to visit the Cascada (waterfall) de Peguche, a spiritual place in Indian beliefs, very close to Otavalo. Or just walk around the countryside without a set destination. The town of Cotacachi offers a truly multiethnic and multicultural experience, in addition to a broad selection of excellent local handmade leather goods.


The Thani Wellness Center at Medina del Lago warrants special mention. Certified therapists will offer an attractive temptation: wellness therapies based on massages and body purification that are the highest expression of personal care. Reservations are required. Guests also have pool and sauna at their disposal from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Dusk is truly an exhibition of natural magic to be felt while the sun goes down behind San Pablo lake. The color and texture of the landscape change gradually and the country scents are indescribable. This spectacle is best enjoyed with wine accompanied by a table of cheese or with any of the classic cocktails or with a tasting of gold medal dark chocolates.

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After dinner, nothing beats a walk under starry skies along the forest beside Medina del Lago. Upon your return, a cozy campfire awaits with hot cocoa and marshmallows or else a seat by the fireplace with wine and grapes.

Medina del Lago is a new hotel that offers a unique experience, indeed a dream come true.

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